How To Get to Wadi Rum

By Car

This is the easiest way to reach Wadi Rum.
Many car rental services are available in all Jordan. You have to drive the Desert Highway (nr. 15) from Amman direction Aqaba and vice versa, until the intersection with the Wadi Rum Road which you have to travel for 15 kms up to your destination at Wadi Rum Village. There you will find a convenient parking where you can leave your car. From that point it is forbidden to use the car in the whole protected area. 
Any site where you will stay, or any activity that you’ll want to play will take care to pick you up at that point.

By Bus

And this is the most complicated way, as there are not direct connections from Amman and there is only one daily connection from Aqaba.

From Amman there are many bus lines to Aqaba scheduled all the day long. The best company is Jett Bus, it takes about 4 hours and it costs about 10 JOD.
From Aqaba there is only a little bus departing daily (not on fridays) from the Takal St. Bus Station at 12:30 pm. It takes about 1 hour and it costs only 2 JOD.
From Petra. There is one daily bus which leaves Wadi Musa between 6 and 6.30 AM. The bus arrives in Rum village around 9 AM. A ticket costs 8/10 JOD per person. Booking your seat in advance is necessary. 

By Taxi

Public and private Taxi Service are everywhere in Jordan.

Indicative rates as follows:
• From Amman: 110 JOD per car (fits up to 4 guests). The drive takes about 4 hours;
• From Aqaba: costs 25 JOD per car (fits up to 4 guests). The drive takes about 1 hour.
If you come from Tala Bay or South Beach, the transfer costs 30 JOD per car. And 45 JOD per car for a transfer from Aqaba airport to Wadi Rum.
• From Wadi Musa/Petra costs 40 JOD per car (fits up to 4 guests). The drive takes about 2 hours.
If you come from one of the surrounding villages, the transfer costs 45 JOD per car.

All the above informations are merely indicative. We suggest you to check out with your Host or Service Provider in the Wadi Rum Protected Area all the information about your transfers. They are locals, very expert and more than helpful!