The Bedouin Reign


Being Bedouin Means...

“Wadi Rum is one of the last places on earth that people can still experience a glimpse of the nomadic life. Here are a people who care for the environment and know how to live in balance with it. The people here know how to search for water and how to heal an injured animal. Their lifestyle mixes the rich serenity and tranquility of the desert landscape with the fierce and hostile realities that come with living there. From constant childhood treks to guiding tourists around the valley, they know the hidden crevices, nooks, and crannies of the area.”

Hundreds of years living in the desert did teach us how to approach extreme conditions and how to valorize every little available source.
Everybody can notice how this attitude is reflected in every habit, behave and life style: from the clothes we wear, to the Tea culture; From the way we treat our animals, to the tradition of deep respect and reciprocal help toward every and each human bean. as in any culture that has its roots over the centuries, we boast a rich culinary, linguistic and musical tradition, along with a herbal Medicine. We are always ready to tell travelers our stories and to share desert secrets, just as we are always more than careful to guarantee them the best hospitality.